About Myanmar

Myanmar is considered to have 3 seasons. The hot season is usually from March-April, and temperatures then cool off during the rainy season from may-october. The peak tourism season is the cool season from November-February. Temperatures can climb as high as 36°c in Yangon in the hot season while in the cool season, noontime temperatures are usually a more bearable 32°c, with night temperatures falling to around 19°c. Mandalay is slightly cooler in the cool season, with temperatures falling as low as 13°c, while temperatures in the hot season can go as high as 37°c. Generally, lower Myanmar, the area around Yangon, receives more rainfall than the drier upper Myanmar (around Mandalay).

In the highlands such as Inle lake and Pyin Oo Lwin, winter temperatures can fall below 10°c at night, while daytime temperatures tend to be very pleasant. Even in the summer, temperatures rarely climb above 32°c. Near the Indian border in Kachin state, there are mountains which are permanently snow capped throughout the year.